Rob Bogucki
Rob Bogucki is a developer and creative coder/video performer based in Cork, Ireland. Trained as an engineer and working in the field of hydrography, in recent years Robert has been applying some more esoteric aspects of his expertise within an audiovisual experimental project under the moniker VJ Rybyk, presenting his live generative visuals performances and interactive installations to audiences of several festivals, such as the Live Performers Meeting in South Africa and Italy and Simsalaboom in Germany.
In 2013 Rob founded Fathomable and started conceptual work on GNOSIS, an interdisciplinary project which sees his prior and newfound obsessions rendered immersively within the Virtual Reality framework. In the following years GNOSIS solidified into a collaboration of artists from six countries, and was presented as a VR installation at several events across Europe. Continuously maturing with feedback from diverse audiences, GNOSIS was recently nominated for the Grand Prix at the A MAZE. / Berlin 2017 independent game festival, and is finally nearing its release for the general public.